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We are open and taking orders!!!

We are no longer taking credit cards, payments by e-transfer.

If we didn't respond to your email we did not receive it, so please call or text

Cedar Sign Order Information

Our signs start at $150.00 per square foot plus the cost of your graphic if you use one.  Our hand painted graphics range in price from $75.00 to $200.00 depending on complexity and size, large commercial signs may cost more. We also sell wholesale to other sign companies, please call for a quote. All of our signs are custom ordered to your specifications, you can mix and match, for example from my galleries pick a shape, size, a font you like, and a graphic, if you don’t see a graphic you like you can supply your own for no additional cost or modify one we have.  We don't do free layouts and would prefer you send us one if you are unable to mix and match what is on our web site.  All of our signs are hand made and painted so any computer generated layouts we get are only a guide which we use as a template.

All of our signs are hand painted by a local artist, so we can even use two or three pictures and put them together for you, many of the signs on our gallery were painted from photographs. You also select your colors, if you want a specific color you would have to supply a paint chip number and cover the cost of the paint.  If you have any questions please phone or email the contact info below, thanks for reading and we are looking forward to making your vision become a real work of Art.

Post Script:  Once we have followed your instructions and have done the layout, if you make further changes a $75.00 layout fee will apply.  We reserve the right to post all of the signs we design and manufacture on our web sites.
Final payment is due upon completion of your sign.

Please call or Text 705-644-9928

or email info@cedarsigns.net


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